Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Smoky the Helper

When I arrived home yesterday evening, Smoky was sitting by a big box left by the UPS driver. Smoky saw how excited I was and immediately tried to help me open it.

It's so nice to have a little helper like Smoky.

"Now Smoky, pushing on it will not get the job done."

No pouting, please! I know you are only trying to help, but I think it will go a lot faster if I open it with my scissors.

Just what I expected. It was my order of 98 different colors of  "Made in America" wool felt along with my sample assortment.

You guessed it! I want to do some sewing/crafting projects with felt. If you love felt too, please check out this company. You will get hooked on working with felt.

Hopefully, I will have time tomorrow to post a simple Christmas Pillow using the new felt.

Don't look so sleepy....the fun is just about to begin!

Meggie Mac

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