Friday, December 30, 2011

Evening Sky in the Country

At sunset is was crisp, with the temperatures in the upper 40's. The clean country smells were all around me.
There are no other sounds except for the animals settling down for the night.

As I was closing up the door to the barn, I looked up, and saw the moon directly overhead.

 Since I have been living in the country over 12 years, this is not my first time to experience a December evening. But, the breathtaking effect is always there.

The planet Jupiter was also very visible in the early evening, just to the left of the moon. Take a look at this, and learn about the Winter Circle.

Meggie Mac

1 comment:

  1. Such wonderful pictures, Meggie ! It inspires me so much quite and happiness.
    I'm taking advantage of the post to wish you, and your family, a Wonderful and Magic 2012 !


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