Saturday, December 31, 2011

Peaceful on the Prairie

Twelve hours later from yesterday's post I woke up to a foggy morning. As ridiculous as this may sound, I didn't want to waste any time by getting dressed.

 So I went out in the early morning with no one around, still dressed in my old blue flannel nightgown, black tights, "gardening shoes", and camera in hand. Try not to dwell on what that might look is not a pretty sight!

I wanted to share the view with you. I live on a hill top, surrounded with other hills. But, this morning all I could see was my space.

After such a scorching summer, it feels so good have moisture again in the air. Dew drops were hanging everywhere.

Even a few spider webs with dew drops are clinging to the almost bare branches of the apple tree.

 Here are a few pumpkins from October still holding their shapes. The metal tub of water is for the thirsty birds. I imagine they are waiting for the pumpkins to break open and release their tasty seeds.

Two rocking chairs on the prairie cottage porch, just waiting for you to sit down with your cup of morning tea or coffee, while I go inside the farmhouse and start the apple pancakes.  It's your chance to take in the view.

The Christmas lights have today and tomorrow to burn....then be put away until next Christmas.

Just for fun....a broken wind chime I couldn't bare to throw away.

If I'm not at home, well, read the sign. Most likely, I will be there.

The often used back entrance is still decorated 2 more days with Christmas.

Open the gate and this is what you will see. Come on in....and let's visit for a while.

Meggie Mac


  1. Beautiful! What a lovely home on the hill you have, and a nice peaceful morning view. Happy new year, Meggie!

  2. Happy New Year to you! Thanks to your previous post, I learned about the Winter Circle and saw it in the sky last night! Thank you for that.

  3. you have a beautiful place & your not the only one who's up early wondering around in their nightgown with a camera slung over her shoulder. if you get dressed think of how many shots you could miss :o)


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