Friday, December 2, 2011

Too Many Projects....Too Little Time

If you would like to help me, today would be a good day to come over. Friday is project day on the farm. The weather is still very pleasant here in Texas, especially where I live. It is finally cool enough to work outside all day. As you know, from my blog posts, we have suffered all summer from drought. For the most part, my spring vegetable garden failed, except for the small kitchen garden.  This is where I plant my herbs, shallots, parsley, hot peppers and 1 tomato plant.  The location close to the house, makes it easy for snipping a few herbs while I'm cooking.

With the rain we've had the last few weeks, my spirits are running high with thoughts of next year's garden. The project today is to repair the fence around the garden.  The main purpose of the fence is to keep the chickens out.
If you are not familiar with these guys, you don't know how destructive they can be to a garden.

                                                       Yes, I'm talking about you!

Today is also the day to pull out the Christmas decorations from storage. With my outside help for the day, we will replace the star above the stable. Having an old barn, with stalls facing the country road, has given me the opportunity for a perfect spot for my nativity scene.

It still needs some work.

So here were my boots when I started this morning...

By the time lunch break came around.....they, well, you can see for yourself!

Another day of sharing the joy of country living with you.
Meggie Mac

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