Monday, December 12, 2011

New Look in the Farmhouse

It was a busy week end, starting with Friday Project Day. In checking this blog, I came across her furniture makeover.  It started me to thinking about a china cabinet I have in the parlor of my farmhouse. It wasn't the first time I had considered painting this piece to give the room some "pop".  Her project gave me the courage to move forward with my idea.

My farmhouse original rooms are small. When I say small, I mean, 12' x 12'. There are no hallways in the house. Each of the original rooms lead into each other. And by the way, there were no closets either.

So, back to the project.... This past summer I had cut off the legs to the china cabinet and hung the upper portion on the wall. I did this to give me some floor space to put two ottomans under it for storage. The ottomans also gave me two extra seats when I have company.

When you live in a small house, using every inch of space is important.

First, I tried a couple of colors, before I decided on the right one for the room. I also removed the door from the hinges and the key and brass keyhole from the door.

I used the same paint, Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Paint with Primer, that was suggested from the other blog. It is the most fabulous paint I have ever used. I also used a smooth foam roller that is suggested for kitchen cabinets.

I went easy at first, thinking I might leave the front panels with the natural wood.

Finally, I decided it would look best completely covered, except for the top. I left the top and the inside shelves the natural wood. The door on the cabinet is small and only lets in a small amount of light. By painting the inside back of the cabinet, it appears to give more light to the inside for displaying my china.

Allowing it to dry overnight before attaching the door and hardware, gave me a chance to wash the china before replacing it.

Viola! A new look for $15.00 in paint cost.

As in anything I do, this is not the end to the story. I'm already thinking, after Christmas, I may paint a few designs on the front.

And, by the way, the final photo doesn't show my cello in the corner. I'm going to give the paint another week to dry  before returning the cello to it's home spot. After all, it's the only place big enough for a cello in The Farmhouse !

Meggie Mac

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