Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Perfect Friday

Let me say, I was right about the To Do List. It was too long to accomplish in one day. I worked until dark, picked up my tools, and made my way to the farm house.

The first of "more to come" rain barrels did get installed on Friday. As it turns out, they are not that difficult to install.

Decide on the location of the rain barrel and make a level spot that is strong enough to hold 58 gallons of water. I used concrete blocks I had re-cycled from another project. I wanted it high enough to make sure the water would flow all the way to the garden when I attach a hose.

Because I didn't originally have a downspout installed on the greenhouse gutters, a T-section and elbow had to be installed.

After determining the right height for the water diverter, the downspout was cut to the correct length.

Now isn't she pretty. The goal is to install at least 6 rain barrels on the back side of the barn. I'm hopping this will help with the cost of water in the summer. I do have a well, but it would be nice if I had enough caught water to use for the garden.

I also accomplished planting an apple tree and installed pipe for summer watering to all the fruit trees. This part of the day took much longer than I anticipated.

I still need to spend a few more hours to tidy everything and add the mulch around all the fruit trees.

So, not everything on the list was accomplished. That didn't keep me from celebrating the day.
It was.... a perfect project day!

Meggie Mac


  1. What a clever system! And there can always be a dry summer when every drop is needed...

  2. What lovely weather you had for working outside, and well done on accomplishing so much. We collect rainwater from the roof of both sheds at the allotment, and in 2 old bath tubs. It's better for the plants, and if we get a hosepipe ban the water supply is turned off down there. It's best to be prepared.

  3. I'd call that a really good day's work! I hope you rewarded yourself.

  4. Dear Meggie, I really love your farm life. But I think it is a bit hard to do all works. But you manage very well.. Best wishes..

  5. Mighty fine job well done! (An announcer at a horse show said that once a long time ago and I can't loosen it from my brain.) Quite an accomplished day! Pat yourself on your back. Now ... do you hire out? I can offer a meal and a ride in a 3000-acre park. ;-)

  6. Well done! I know how much work those tasks are... what a productive day :)


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