Friday, January 27, 2012

Grass Gauge

A photo to put a smile on your face......

Two months ago, after summers' long drought, this very same photo was brown, burnt up grass. Today, with some rain, the winter grass in the corral is back to green.

It's Friday again and the first month of the year is almost over. Today is Project Day...with the fun starting in a couple of hours.

I bought a new apple tree to plant, a rain barrel to be installed, seeds to be started in the greenhouse, and another dead tree will be coming down. It looks like the list may be too long.

Wish you were here to help. There is a free lunch included and plenty of tea and conversation.

Meggie Mac


  1. Meggie I'd love to be there to give you a hand! Sounds perfect to me. I hope all goes well for you.

    The grass gauge is fun!

  2. I would love to be there to help, my daughter and I dream of travelling across America but I need to get a passport first! We keep telling ourselves "one day". xxx

  3. Put the kettle on !!! ;-)
    Such a pitty I'm too far away; it would have been with pleasure.

  4. I'd love to be there too!I think we could have cleared the list between the five of us. What fabulous teabreaks we could have had!

  5. I do hope you have some folks to help you (although you seem to handle things pretty well on your own)! I love your sign....and your grass ~ I am green with envy...we have been trying to grow grass in our horse pasture for a year and it pales in have not only a green thumb, but a green finger and green toes!

  6. I wish I was there too Meggie.Thank you for the seed offer but I'm not sure of the customs regulations on this sort of thing.Shame because I would have loved some!
    I love the sign, it made me smileX

  7. Wow! you have grass like that now? You are definitely in the "greener" part of Texas. My yard is green (thank goodness for recent rains), but it is weeds, for the grass was killed off this summer. So instead of asking you for directions (and looking forward to some wonderful tea breaks), I'm getting the weed killer out.

  8. Thanks gals for the nice comments. I wish all of you could have been here. I had way too many tea and cookie breaks by myself. The weather was spectacular!
    Janet, that is winter rye in the corral and part of the pasture that comes up each year when I get a little rain.

  9. Nice pics and blog. Looking forward to seeing more. Have a nice weekend...Greetings from Indiana...Heidi


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