Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogging Etiquette

If you have been following me from the beginning, you know I started the middle of November 2011. I chose Blogger because it was free and fairly easy to set up.

What I've noticed is there is very little help if you have problems with your blog. For instance, the site keeps losing some of my followers.

There also was a problem of leaving comments. If you have looked at some of my older postings, it was impossible to leave a comment.

From reading your blog, I decided to use the pop-up version for comments.

Today I have a question for you. How do you know if I responded to your comment on the same comments page? Must you go back each day to that posting to see if I responded? Is that the preferred way of responding to your comments?

As a follower of my blog, I want you to know how much I appreciate your comments. I think of the miles apart we are, and yet, with just a click of a button, you are instantly here.

If you post.....I will read it.
Meggie Mac


  1. Hi Meggie, some bloggers don't respond to comments, some respond in their next blog, some respond in the comments section. I try to respond as much as time allows , and particularly if someone has asked a specific question. I usually use the comments section - I don't know if people ever read my replies , but I still respond to comments as much as I can.I think people just do what is right for them. Hope this helps. x

  2. Hi Meggie, I have tended to rely on any responses (to comments which I have left on someone else's blog) coming into my email account. I nearly always remember to tick the 'email follow-up comments' box.

    I always try to respond to comments left on my posts, but of course, like Scarlet, I never know whether they have been read.

    I have just transferred from the pop-up version for comments onto the embedded comments system. I would appreciate any feedback you can give me on that one, in the next week or two.

    Blogger seems to be creaking at the seams at times. I lose my followers, then they reappear, some blogs I follow don't get updated, sometimes they show up many hours later. Very frustrating.

    I am new to the world of blog - but I am really enjoying it too.

  3. Thank you, Scarlet and Elaine, for your comments today...I knew I could count on both of you for advice. So far, the pop-up version is working for me. I'll try to remember to click on e-mail follow up too. At least, I know I'm not alone in these issues of blogging.

  4. Hi Meggie,
    I am going back and reading some of your posts. I have always tried to respond to comments, but I have them set to go directly to my email, and from there I can read the comments and then respond. Does that make sense?? I hardly ever go back to someones blog to read responses unless it is someone who has a HUGE following like Pioneer Woman or Susan Branch.

  5. BTW, did you know that you are set as a No Reply when you leave comments?? It's really hard to send a reply back to you if you are no-reply.


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