Friday, January 6, 2012

Perfect Friday

Well, it is the end of another Friday Project Day and I'm tuckered out. The plan today was to rework the garden pathways with pea gravel.....4 tons to be exact!

 My handyman unloaded the trailer, while I spread it with the back of a rake.

Not much help from Smoky

The sun was out all day with a perfect temperature of 69 degrees. This is me and my shadow taking a break.
Remember this hat ?

There are very large gravel pits in this area. So I went directly to the nearest one about 4 miles away, and paid $9.00 a ton. That price fits very well with my budget.

Here are a few photos of previous years....

All plants are started from heritage seeds by me. Next week I will share with you what I have selected for this year's spring garden. I also will be having a " free give away" of seeds. So check in with me next week.

How do you keep the dirt out of the farmhouse? I keep trying.....I leave my shoes by the door!

Meggie Mac


  1. That all looks great - and very practical! (My husband is now green with envy - gravel from our local quarry is more than five times the cost of yours.)

  2. your garden is great, thats a very good price for your gravel. boots at the back door but Sally Girl just walks right in, paw prints everywhere.


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