Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fishing Hole

Welcome to my backyard!

Here in Texas, we generally call them "stock ponds". The farm animals use this pond for their drinking water.
So, fish are the bonus that comes with the watering hole. Oh yes, and frogs, too....

In the summer months, my pond also has beautiful yellow water lilies that bloom. If you are wondering if the lilies are native to the pond, the answer is no. I simply threw in a handful of bulbs I had cleaned out of an overcrowded water garden.  They are just as spectacular as this photo.

Meggie Mac


  1. Beautiful stock pond - and the water lily is exquisite. It hasn't been above freezing here today, your photos have warmed me nicely!

  2. What a beautiful place you live in Meggie. We holiday in Cornwall quite a lot, and the place we stay has a pond with water lilies. J enjoys fishing there.

  3. Wonderful photos of your place in Texas.. And yellow lilies are so wonderful. What fragile flowers they are... Have a nice day dear Meggie..

  4. Beautiful! I love hearing the bullfrogs in our pond when late spring rolls around. Ah, Spring, still a ways away!


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