Saturday, January 21, 2012

Least Favorite Chore

                                   It all starts with a pair of boots.

Yesterday was Friday Project Day. I had put it off as long as I could......Cleaning the Chicken Pens.

So the first thing I did was let the girls out to play.

Then I gathered my tools and supplies to clean the water containers.

                                  "Hey, you guys are having all the fun".

                          I believe someone has decided to have a dust bath!

Everything I cleaned out of the chicken yard was mixed in with my new compost pile.

The nesting boxes are hung from the outside of the chicken house to make it easy to gather eggs.

It also makes it easier to put fresh hay inside for a nice place to lay an egg.

Spreading fresh wood shavings completes the chore. Now, doesn't that look nice?

Well, after a few hours of work, I'm thinking it wasn't such a bad chore......remembering what I get in return for keeping a happy chicken house!

Meggie Mac


  1. Your chickens are beautiful! Isn't it great when you do a chore that you don't really want to , but end up feeling really satisfied with a job well done when it's over. I didn't really want to go to the allotment today, but quite enjoyed myself, and felt a real sense of accomplishment at what I achieved.

  2. That is a job well done - and lots of new material for the compost heap too!

  3. Well Meggie, you are living a country life like I'm dreaming of !
    And explained like you did, this chore seems enjoyable.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  4. Living my dream, Meggie. The floor withe the wood shaving looks great!


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