Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Truck and Me

The stress of everyday living just melts away when I can take my truck on the back roads in my small world known as "home".

Together, with me behind the steering wheel, we have reached a milestone in the trucks' life. Together we have reached the 200,000 mile mark as you can see in the photo!

The Dodge has been relatively free of problems because of the maintenance it is given. A couple of years ago, the truck endured a 4-day ice storm. Last summer it had many days of driving in over 100 degrees with a couple of days topping out at 107.  And, it still kept on "truck'n".

When I took on the life in the country, it quickly became apparent how valuable a truck would be. Oh, I know, you can put 1 small square bale of hay in the trunk of a car. I have tried it. But, what a mess it will make. I'm not sure you can ever get all the hay bits out of the carpet.

And, how about all those bags of feed for chickens, goats, sheep, cats,

and the occasional baby calf.

A truck is also needed to carry lumber for all the projects on the farm like new raised garden beds.

As far as it's looks, I can't complain about the paint job either. Except for a few dings, it still cleans up nicely.

Let's raise our glass today for a toast to my faithful companion, the truck, and another 200,000 miles!

Meggie Mac


  1. I need a truck like that, too:)

  2. It looks in really good condition - how old is it? Our car is 11 years old, and still looks good for its age.

  3. Hello Meggie, Lovely to have you as a follower.I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.X

  4. Here, here!!!!! I have a Suburban that I consider my Work Truck :) Hauling feed, straw, trees, building materials, children, food, canoes, furniture, animals.... My faithful Suburban has about the same mileage as yours, but it looks a little rougher around the edges, LOL That's allowed, because it works VERY hard for our family. Great post!

  5. I understand your affection. Our little Toyota 4-wheel-drive pickup was the first thing we bought before we even moved into our homestead. It has literally pulled us out of many scrapes -- even dragging a much bigger truck full of compost out of a muddy ditch.I really love that little pickup.


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