Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let the Games Begin

When I started this blog in November 2011, I briefly wrote I would be exploring my Scottish heritage.

Last week, in reading this blog that I follow, she had a project showing how to make Scottie dogs out of felt.
Remember the day I received my order of 98 pieces of felt ?

So this past weekend I started making some Scotties with the idea of tagging them with my blog address. With each Highland Game I attend, I can give them away to other "Macs" that might be interested in following my blog. What do you think about that idea for promoting followers?

The first Scottish Festival I will be attending this year will be in Arkansas. In the early years of America, the Scots played a very important role. Americans are proud of their Scottish Heritage and show it every year with Highland Game events in many states, including Texas. Featured at these events are piping, Highland dancing, Celtic music, sheepdog demonstrations, and of course, the games themselves. For most of us, it is the nearest thing to actually going to Scotland.

What is so unique about this event in Arkansas is Lyon College .  The college honors its Scottish connection with its programs designed to teach, preserve, and celebrate the Scottish arts and traditions in America. Be sure and click on the highlighted words to read more about this.

This is just the beginning....there will be much more in 2012 as I "put on the tartan" of my family.

Meggie Mac


  1. Dear Meggie, I really like all dogs breeds. But scottish breeds are also famous and precious breeds. It is very hard to find this breed in Turkey.. And also I am very interested about scotland and scottish history very much. I really want learn so many things from you about scots.. Thank you very much..Yesterday we had 6 yorkshire babies from our foxy dog.. cute..

  2. Cute idea. And while I like scotties, I love the cairns (another scottish breed) -- actually I adore terriers after falling in love with Wiz's typical terrier character.

    Speaking of Scottish influence -- Strong Scottish influence on the concept and writing of the Declaration of Independence.

  3. very cute idea :o)
    is that your family clan tartan above?


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