Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thankful Sunday

Looking at the bouquet of tulips this morning made me think about my family and how thankful I am for being blessed with them.
I'm also thankful for all the new friends I have connected with through the world of blogging.

The post I did earlier this week about the painted churches in my area was so well received, I've decided to continue to explore, photograph and post about some of the others. Most are located in a 20 miles area close to the farm.

Yesterday, I remembered another interesting church. The drive was a short distance.

               The church is only 14' 3" x 18' 1". Apparently, a mass is still held here once a month.

It was almost noon when I took this photo. There was not a cloud in the sky with a crisp temperature of 56 degrees.

Let's take a closer look at the details on this small church, originally built in the late 1880's. The story is told that by 1915 much of the congregation had moved away so the building was dismantled to build a school in a nearby town. It has been said, that it was rebuilt with the left over lumber in 1915.

Take a look through one side window.....

If you click here, you can read more about the painting that is hanging behind the altar.

There will be no chance to nod off to sleep with these rustic backless pews.

      The ceiling has been left in its' natural state with the walls painted a soft shade of green. 

Meggie Mac



  1. What a perfect post for a Sunday. Beautiful photographs of an amazingly compact and bijou church! The interior is so unexpected and an amazing mix of styles. I love it. Thank you!

  2. Wow- those pews look so uncomfortable - I have backache just looking at them! The sky is so blue on your photographs - just what I needed after a grey and gloomy day here. Thanks Meggie.

  3. What wonderful colors of tulips they are. And thank you very much for church photos. If I can go the historical St paulus church to gether I ll want to share them with you. Thank you very much dear Meggie..

  4. Looks like a beautiful day at your place. Here, the sky is grey and weather forecasts announce some snow.
    As for tulips, they are my favorites.
    Cheers from Belgium

  5. Hi Meggie, I love looking around old churches.We have some extremely old ones here as you can imagine.I love the white clapperboard ones too in New England, where we visited for our honeymoon nearly 4 years ago.
    The tulips are so beautiful too, one of my favourite spring flowers.

  6. That is a beautiful amazing small church and the inside is gorgeous. You have a lovely blog. Suzy

  7. I would love to attend mass at this gorgeous church! Thanks for sharing it with us through your beautiful photographs!


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