Thursday, January 12, 2012

Garden Seed Giveaway

Do you get excited when the first seed catalog of the year arrives? I've had mine since before Christmas. I only plant heritage seeds that are non-hybrid, non-Gmo, and non-treated and non-patented.

The new varieties are so tempting that it is difficult to keep the order list short. In years past, I've started so many seeds that my greenhouse was overflowing. It can be fun to share the seedlings with family and friends.

Today I'm thinking I will do the same this year. Oh, the joy of sharing!

So, here is what I propose to you, my dear readers.... click on  my seed catalog and make a choice of 1 packet of seeds.  The first 10 comments on my blog will be the winners. Be sure you leave your email address so I can notify the winners. I will accept comments until Friday, January 20th. I will announce the winners by Monday, January 23rd.

 The rules are.... you must be signed on as a "follower" of this blog.

 The seed company has also told me on international orders, there is always a small chance the seed packet will not pass customs.

What I ask in return is that you keep me informed via the blog of your success. With your permission, I will post any photos you send my way.

So, go back to the first of this posting and click on the word seed catalog. Start drooling over the beautiful photos and the endless possibilities in our 2012 vegetable garden.

Meggie Mac


  1. Oh my goodness! I have been drooling over the tomato section. If I am eligible, Meggie, then I would love a pack of the Carbon tomato seeds. (TP112-C) apparently they have won awards for their flavour - that does it for me! My email address is:

  2. Elaine....I'm so glad you looked. After the deadline, I will place my order for my spring garden. I'll contact you via my meggieontheprairie email address. I'm excited for you. You have been so kind with your comments on my blog.

  3. Oh my, I was just going to ask my ranch friend if she knew of any heirloom plant catalogs! Thanks for the site! I hope this year I can set up a garden box. (I've been doing a bit of container gardening and have a fairly decent herb garden going.) Anyway, I have my eye on the TP101 Cherokee Purple Tomato and I'm at

    Oh, and I checked out "Pretty Woman" a guinea hen -- my grandmother use to keep them. I'll have them on my future farm.

  4. Yay - great idea....if I am eligible, I would like to order some Zinnias - the Miss Willmott - FL811 and my email address is Thank you and looking at this seed catalog really got me excited for Spring. I had not known about Baker Creek Heirloom Seed and am so glad to find this website. Even if I don't win the giveaway, I will be ordering some from them. Thanks!

  5. I've definitely been drooling over the catalogues for the last month. I have been looking for some heirloom corn seeds for this season...thanks for pointing me in the direction of Baker Creek! I'd love to win the Golden Bantam 12-row Corn. Awesome giveaway, and thanks for offering it!

  6. Thank you for participating in my giveaway!
    I will be placing an order for my seeds tomorrow, expecting them to come in about a week later.
    Be looking for an e-mail from Meggie Mac using my g.mail account.


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