Monday, January 2, 2012

Guest Room in the Farmhouse

If you remember where I started from with the farmhouse , you can appreciate how far I have come with this project. In the weeks to come, I would like to share with you some of the rooms in my small farmhouse. So come in, visit with me and I will show you a guest bedroom, aka the sewing room.

As with all my rooms, each one has a story to tell. In a previous post, I talked about my sewing space created in a  closet. That space is in this room. Every thing you are about to see has been purchased at a yard sale, junk store, or simply passed on to me from another. If you are giving away anything, I probably will have my hand up and say, "I'll take it". Also included are gifts from my daughters.

This room started with the painting hanging over the bed. I purchased this at a flea market for about $20. It was covered with brown goop. I really didn't know how beautiful it was until I could get it cleaned up. It was my inspiration for this room.

The bed frame was rusty and needed a good coat of paint.

Of course, this chair was not white when I purchased it at a yard sale. Neither was the bench. Each piece had to be stripped of the original finish. I had an old chenille bedspread I used to re-cover each piece. Don't you think they look nice?

This small table also needed to be stripped and a new coat of sealer applied.

The black painted console and matching mirror have been in the family for about 50 no money out of my pocket for it.

On a trip my daughter made to South America, she gifted me with this beautiful pastel drawing. And the colors were perfect for this room.

What you are looking at was originally a door way into another bedroom. (No hallways in this house). I took advantage of the opening and installed shelving. The small colorful painting on the shelf was a gift from my youngest daughter.

Sunlight is shining on the closed doors of my sewing space.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my home.

Meggie Mac


  1. This is all very charming Meggie.

  2. You have done a wonderful job in this room. I love chenille, so I was especially taken with the idea of using it as upholstery fabric.

  3. I love your room Meggie.. you have a gift for design, with second hand goods..

  4. Lovely home. I grew up on a cotton farm north of Dallas. Deep black earth. Your home reminds me of homes in that area.

  5. I just minutes ago happened on your blog and have to say that I can tell I will be visiting more often. Like you, I have a very old farmhouse and love to re purpose things for my tiny farmhouse. This room is just beautiful and I love the soft colors and all your up cycled treasures. That headboard is amazing. Such an inviting room, I am looking forward to seeing more of this great blog.


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